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Now in stock. Grab yours now! 


Full kit including ready-to-bolt-on exhaust and CM20/VM20 carburator.


Our Minarelli has several upgrades that you won't find on other vendors:

-New large transfer port, ultra-clean cast cylinder. Won't find this elsewhere.

-Long stroke, full size 40mm crank

-Longer Grade-8 8mm cylinder bolts. No 6mm bolts!

-High quality CNC machined spacer plate and intake.

-Original minarelli-type stock cylinder head with higher compression and better cooling.

-Giant intake and exhaust port for top performance.


The new Wildcat Ultra. 

Out-performs the Phantom/Phantom 85cc by over 2hp!


VERY powerful. 



-Heavy duty long rod. (stronger and 4mm longer vs. standard)

(our rod is beefier and heavier duty than the minarellis sold by others)

-10mm spacer plate

-Front and rear mounting studs included

-Equipped with window piston, reed valve, and intake.

-Ready to bolt your VM20 carb! 


Motor and/or its CNC machined parts may have minor cosmetic whirls or light scratches from the manufacturing process (superficial, that cannot catch a fingernail). 


70/81cc. 47mm piston like a stock motor, but due to the hopped up top end paired with the balanced crank, pulls like a 110cc equivelent!




Gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for the use on/off Public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.

Wildcat Ultra Minarelli 6hp Race Engine Kit

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