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Why Our Engines?
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Our competitors engines have a un-trued, 3 piece crank with poor quality bearings and bolted on weights.


Our crank shown on the right is a one piece, factory balanced crank with smooth, long lasting Japanese branded bearings and is a feature of Wildcat motors.


So, what's the difference?


The 3 piece crank starts to vibrate unbearably at 20mph, to a point where your hands hurt from the punishment of having to hold on to your  handlebars.


Our one piece trued cranks however, maintain low vibration at screaming fast speeds!

Our competitors use the cheapest bolts they can get in order to cut costs where possible.


At California Motorbikes we find that the quality of the bolts is very important so we use grade 8 hardened bolts on our engines. 


Our engine mounting bolts are thicker in diameter and stronger.

Our engines come stock with the speed carburator, which features larger fuel jets for more power

Small ports restrict flow and take away from power, fuel efficiency, and top RPM. The Wildcat has wide open ports.

Wildcat features a 4-bolt chain tensioner that offers more reliability and a stronger grip on your bike frame. Two bolt tensioners struggle to grip to the bike frame.

Our chain is hardened, not standard! 

Another cost-cutting, corner-cutting feature of our competitor's kits.

Rattlecan finish? Really?

You won't find that on Wildcat engines!

We use a high quality fuel and heat resistant paint which is baked on at high temperatures.

Higher quality, higher flow fuel filter comes standard with Wildcat motors. 

Slightly smaller sprocket with Wildcat motors gives you a higher top end speed.

               Wildcat Engine Kit: $138

         Our Competitors Engine: $130

   You be the judge!

Update 2022/2023 

There are now even MORE improvements on our engines and our competitors engines got WORSE!

  Click here to see our customers Wildcat  builds, and post your own!

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