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I have been buying these kits for a while now and there the best kits I've ever bought!!!! I suggest these to anyone that is ready to buy a kit. there very powerful and have everything you need to build a quality bike. the customer service is top notch and if there is a problem he will fix it right away.
-Don B.

Hello California Motorbikes,

I'm Anthony from Northern Michigan and I purchased a Wildcat motor kit from you guys May of 2016 and mounted it on a Huffy Cranbrook. I road it all summer. Your Wildcat kit is seriously one of the best purchases I've made in my life! It runs very strong after I tuned the carb and added a higher compression slant head. (mine had arrived with a flat head unfortunately) I am SO HAPPY that I bought your balanced motor because it doesn't vibrate! My brother had bought a cheap Ebay motor and it vibrated very badly. Ebay motors are crap! Please keep up the sourcing of good balanced motors! you are the ONLY seller I know of that sells balance motors, and I'll be ordering from you guys again when I do a 29" bike build this summer. Feel free to use any or all of this as a review, I want other motorized bike enthuseists to know that they can buy from California Motorbikes with confidence! 
BTW, the comparison pictures on the "why our engines" page on your website is what persuaded me to buy your kit...so many sellers say that their kit is the best without showing what is better. Rock on!

Got my bike and is awesome ride about 52 miles on it every day and run so smooth thanks again all my buddys are interested in getting on now:) 
I have about 130 miles on it so far and am very happy with it!
The only thing that I was unhappy about was that I never got an email receipt, and no tracking number, when I emailed them about it I got no reply. But I recived the kit in a week or less. So all was good!
I think if I were to get another kit , I would use them again.
I like how this kit has everything you need , and more. It has the gear puller with it, and the wide front engine mount, if you need it. So I am happy with them. Keep looking up! Ken.

Happy customer in Sacramento CA, Average 150 to 200 miles per week hauling my trailer every where with a 7 year old in tow, No issues at, been running strong since August 2015.i don't know how to post a review. Please feel free to use this for a review, will be returning customer when necessary.




i have been riding gas bikes for over a year now , i have had 4 engines , the 1st one was from a piston bikes com , it ran for 1500 miles and sputters then the bike was stolen. i got a new one a few months later from here on California motor bikes , it was a bit rough at first but once i got it tuned it ran good for 600 miles until my workmanship (bent wheel) caused damage to the cylinder , i then bought another one and put another 2500 miles into it before i wore it out. recently i purchased one for a few dollars less then the wildcat and i still have not gotten it to run CHEAP CRAP!!!! gasbikes.net , thats all they sell is crap . i will be buying a new on and I WILL GET IT HERE BECAUSE THESE ENGINES RUN!!!! i speak from experience !!!



Very happy with my purchase, runs really well, only issue was the tensioner mount would loosen which was an easy fix with a piece of inner tube between the mount and frame . , Its a great motor and i would defiantly recommend it for anyone that needs something dependable for transportation or leisure riding. Mine is mounted on a 26" mountain bike and goes faster than i need so im happy with my purchase and bought another just to have around for a spare. :)




I purchased the 80 cc Wildcat Engine Kit and It was Very Easy to Install. The provided instructions were easy to follow and it took only a couple hours to complete. I filled the tank ..primed and set the choke and it started up on the second crank. It has plenty of power. California Motor Bikes is the only company I Would recommend buying from for 2 reasons. 1. Fast Shipping... 2. Quality Parts and Advice. Great Job ! 


(West Virginia)


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