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Installing Piston

Installing Top End

Thanks for choosing California Motorbikes! For quality reasons, our engines are shipped with the cylinder off. Installing it is easy, and this page will show you how.

Step 1: Gather your Parts

Step 2: Refer to our diagram on how the piston is attached

Step 3: Match the paper gasket to the crankcase. Drive in the cylinder studs. Carefully push piston down cylinder, exposing no more than both holes on each side of the piston, then slide on the cylinder as shown

Step 4: Take the needle bearing (cylinder with rolling pins) and put it in the hole drilled in the crankshaft. Once that's in place, you'll take the steel pin and slide it through the piston, connecting it to the crank. Then slide the approx 3cm long pin through. Refer to diagram if necessary.

Step 5:
Using needle nose pliers, carefully insert the G clips on both sides, securing the piston pin. Make sure this is secure, if the clips come loose it can cause engine failure.

Step 6:
Slide down the cylinder the rest of the way., place on the metal head gasket and top it off with the cylinder head. Then on each of the four studs, place a washer, lock washer and then a acorn nut. Using a wrench or a socket set, tighten each nut down at a equal as possible torque.

Now you're done! Still confused?

Check out the video by clicking here

Please Contact Us With Questions, We're Glad To Help.